Discover is a children's story center in London. They have a Mighty Mega Saturday club for children with disabilities and special needs, their siblings, families and carers.
The participants took more than 7000 images over a year and participated curating a final photography exhibition. We also had a weekly blog and created a book with a selection of photos all taken by the children and families. The photos evoke the essence of the workshops and the participants time together learning about photography using the studio at discover as a base for printing, collage, poetry, print, illustration and play. A space for the families to meet, share, celebrate.
The sessions were a mixture of free play around Discover and learning about photography.
Mighty was a place for experimentation with digital photography, learning about how children see this storytelling center from their own perspective and an opportunity to learn to tell stories through photographic sequences and exploring different techniques learning about zoom, textures, sun prints,
black & white, portraits, light projections, photo narratives, words and images, photo journalism and the beginnings of stop motion animation. We combined our learning about photography with story telling with the support of the story builders at Discover and we also explored how to develop ideas experimenting with arts and crafts, costume, role play and playing with photo montage. It was a wonderful place for children and families to meet, collaborate socialize and record their feelings, memories and emotions.