The Pharmacy of Stories was a pop-up storytelling installation set up in the boiler room at Netil House,a creative community in London fields. The idea was to create a storytelling laboratory where people could explore how to make story remedies and play with the idea of thinking about stories as remedies
exploring the links between narrative and healing. We had a small space that had street access and it was a little hidden. The space seemed to fit the idea and gave people privacy and calm to tell their stories and find the story remedies left at the pharmacy.
The visitors where actively involved creating the collection of anonymous story remedies and enjoyed visiting, drinking tea and exploring how a Pharmacy of Stories could work. We had workshops where the participants where involved meeting together to make the story remedies and imagining how stories could be made into remedies making sculptures with found objects, drawing and writing or sometimes using audio recording and film. We also had little exhibitions, events and performances.