My work explores the dynamics between people in different settings and how people behave or react in different environments or circumstances real or imaginary.
I create series of illustrations on the move, I observe how the work transforms and a narrative develops as I react to the world around me.
I am interested in observing what emerges when I attempt to illustrate physical and psychological spaces. The place, sounds, the dialogues between people, the topics, the social norms and expectations and my own feelings there and then as a reaction to different situations are then translated onto paper with a whimsical and sometimes comical element.
For example in this website you will see works on paper created with pens, colours, crayons, markers, pastels, paint, watercolours, screen printing. Experiments with words and image. Art created while listening to talks and debates, observing and exploring social trends, thoughts and memories of relationships and how people influence and affect each other's beliefs and lives.
I have here a selection of images as a response to encounters with people and visits to interesting places, an attempt to document on my own lines, life oddities (some which have been normalised), social influences,
the theme of resonance in groups, how we can loose and find ourselves.
I aim to explore how, what we have set up in place in the world can be challenged, perhaps it cannot be changed but it can be thought about and
re-imagined in a more creative and surreal, perhaps more fun way.
My art explores what brings people together, what isolates them and also questions the element of choice of an individual within a group, the contrast between the group's identity and what the individual really feels within that group or in relation to themselves or another.

You can also see here a selection of art workshops I have facilitated and play areas I have curated.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and currently live in London. I am an illustrator and an art psychotherapist.